Thursday, March 8, 2012

Styles: Firestone High School

"It will be the TALK OF THE TOWN!"

And we are out. Fixed up the set, performed for a couple hundred great students is Akron, loaded-out, dumped the set at the scene shop, returned the van. In between we had our annual end-of-tour stop at the Winking Lizard in Fairlawn.

Mr. Z. at Firestone, as always was quite prepared for our arrival, and he and his team of students were extremely helpful in getting the space and lights and everything right for our production. It's a big auditorium (capacity 850+) well preserved and a he runs a smooth operation. And I understand they will be tearing it all down in a another year or so. You'll never see this kind of high school auditorium again.

You know, I didn't even do most of the heavy lifting for this tour, I left that in James and Michael's capable, youthful arms. But I am tired, my neck and shoulders are sore, and I just want to sleep for several days. It was a very successful tour, everyone says so. The people who worked on it are simply the best. I am very happy. I am glad it is over.

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