Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Styles: Cleveland Sight Center

Load-in, baby.

The Cleveland Sight Center is always one of my favorite stops on the tour, the audiences are always great, very vocal, and very appreciative. The talkbacks are also very interesting, just great questions, like we get nowhere else.

The actual site of the Sight Center is on Chester Avenue in Cleveland, but they are undergoing a major renovation, and have a temporary space a two-minte drive from my house in Cleveland Heights. Thank goodness this is the only year it will be necessary to schlep everything up that staircase, I commend James and Michael for their prowess in negotiating the tight spaces.

It was a good show. I was tense, I have been tense since yesterday, and it makes me snippy. Last night and this afternoon the load-in was labored and setting up in unusual spaces made for a great deal of discussion, which threw the timing of set-up. And I believe we see the end is near. One more public date tomorrow in Cuyahoga Falls, and a non-public school visit to close Thursday morning. We're tired. Proud and happy, but tired. Tired and sore.

Good show though. Very large turnout for the sight center, and we were visited by several friends who were new to the center. Great Lakes staff came, Charlie, Todd and Chris, and that's always a good to see. I always wish I could hear the audio description, this year provided by Robin (thanks, Robin!) because I think it would be fascinating. I was bummed two years ago when our Dark Side stop was cancelled due to a blizzard. I was left to only imagine how the audience would react to the description of all the vampire stuff.

Photo by Vivian Goodman

We have received a remarkable amount of media attention for this tour. Today WKSU broadcast the interview Vivian Goodman conducted at Lake Ridge Academy a week or so back. It's a really well done piece, with some great interview subjects, and sound from the performance. You can listen to the 6 minute piece here. In addition, Marjorie Preston wrote a great review of Styles in the Sun press, which you can read here.

Tomorrow we appear at the Quirk Cultural Center in Cuyahoga Falls at 1 PM. Last chance! Hope to see you there.

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