Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Play a Day: Antigone's Sister

Emma Goldman-Sherman
For Tuesday I read Antigone's Sister by Emma Goldman-Sherman and available at New Play Exchange.

A powerful re-imagining of the Antigone myth, one in which the playwright aggressively seeks to subvert the dominant paradigm. Cleaving to Sophocles' original, Goldman-Sherman has created an astonishing emulation of the structure of both Greek tragedy and comedy.

These lines are clearly divided between the women, especially in the character of Antigone whose pain and pathos are clearly described and felt, and the men, who are all utter clowns.

The women's tragedy is lyrical and knowing, the men ignorant fearful and low. However, as is evident in today's America, it is hard to laugh at the buffoon on high when in his shallowness and bigotry exacts such a high price in pain and suffering from those who are in the most need.

Who should I read tomorrow?

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