Saturday, April 15, 2017

Play a Day: Love's Labors

Sheila Cowley
For Saturday I read Love's Labors by Sheila Cowley, and available for download from New Play Exchange.

Between last night's experience (more on that soon) and this morning's read and a strange dream I had last night, my mind is overwhelmed with thoughts of fulfillment.

Love's Labors centers around a middle-aged man coming to terms with his sexual identity. It's not a coincidence that this revelation comes as his son is getting married - and his wife proposes they renew their vows.

When I was in my first dating relationship - very young - my girlfriend started having these marriage fantasies and would talk to me about them. I was thirteen years old, and she was putting into my head thoughts of a life together.

Perhaps we would have broken up soon regardless, but if she wanted our time together to last until high school, her encouraging me to imagine the future was not the wisest decision. In much this way, "renewing our vows" puts the protagonist into a consideration of his life choices.

I am not dissing people renewing their vows. But if the unexamined life is not worth living, you have to be prepared for what your examination may reveal.

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