Saturday, April 6, 2013

Double Heart: Brush-Up

"These bristles have I cultivated nigh these eighteen days."

Several years ago, one of the stops for the Great Lakes Outreach touring production of Daniel Hahn's Before The Storm was at the University of Akron, as part of their annual Shakespeare In The Spring celebration. Though I was not a performer in that production, I was present as the company representative, to introduce the piece and lead the post-show discussion.

Just as this year's tour was winding down, we were contacted by the folks at U of A and asked if we wouldn't again join them with one of our touring performances. I wasn't sure how the rest of the Double Heart company would feel, but when I polled them each gave and enthusiastic thumbs-up, so we stored the set and costumes, and here we were, one day shy of a month since we closed, walking through the blocking, going over lines, and rememberizing all of the sound cues.

The performance will be this Thursday, April 11 at 3:30 PM on the University of Akron campus in Martin University Center (complete schedule) and this performance is free and open to the public. Who gets another chance to see a play that has closed? That's right, you do. Please join us.

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