Friday, July 20, 2012

My children, and one of their friends were looking over a book I had only just received in the mail, the oversized 'Little Nemo in Slumberland Vol. 2 (Many More Splendid Sundays)'. They were handling the book properly ... but they were also eating orange slices. The cover was stained with spots of orange juice. I went on a tear, lecturing them sternly about the value of this book -- it cost seventy dollars! I looked my boy in the face, asking "Do you have seventy dollars?" He said that he did not.

Fortunately, as I held the book in my hands and looked at it, the stains began to dry ... and fade.


  1. I should have asked my father if he had 70 dollars when he threw away my banned VHS copy of the NIN Broken Video...

  2. Ah yes. Mine was water-damaged and rendered moldy and unwatchable. You paid $70 for that? I think I got mine for $35 at Record Revolution.