Thursday, February 24, 2011

"The Lady" Opens Tomorrow

We got press! Still trying to figure out where exactly comes from, it suddenly appeared on my cultural radar last week, and suddenly there's a reporter at the last dress of The Lady, taking pictures, asking questions, and the next day we get a nice write-up.

Much ado about a school play? Perhaps. And I do wish I had spent more time on follow-through. We might have had some kind of banner for a backdrop -- though I prefer the blank, sky-blue wall, that's me. My habit is always to keep it simple, concentrate on the performance and that's it ... I owe it to Mrs. Eisenberg for staying on top of things like props and costumes from the get-go. The girls have put together some wonderful outfits suggesting different eras, one girl in particular was helpful finding suitcoats, ties and hats for the three male characters.

And hey! It's an opening! It's a premiere! An educational piece of theater performed BY students, for students!

We'll hold a brief talkback afterward, I will be available to field questions from the children.

I hope the reviews are positive.

Feb. 25 UPDATE: Winter storm results in cancellation (postponement?) of production. Trying not to be extremely disappointed and depressed this morning.

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