Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Social Justice

Social Justice Vol. 2 No. 6
August 31, 1936

The issue featured above includes continuing coverage of the Union Party Convention held in Cleveland in August, 1936.

* * *

My blog posts have slowed a bit in the past week as I have been reading the biography of a man who:
- Was backed by shadowy, right-wing finances.

- Communicated to his audience through mass-media and grand, public, staged events.

- Appealed to base instincts and fear.

- Made educating the people about the impending threat of Communist world-domination the centerpiece of his message.

- Detailed wildly complex and paranoid conspiracy theories.

- Fomented race-hatred in millions of his economically-challenged followers.

- Had an obsession regarding the possession of gold.

... Tomorrow we'll talk about Father Coughlin.

Drum fill. Happy Thanksgiving!

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