Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Judge For Yourself"

Silent Filmstrip, "Judge For Yourself"

Deluxe Ford V-8 for 1936 is from a set of filmstrips purchased at auction by George Borg, President of the Woodside Terrace A.M. Kiwanis and Executive Director of El Centro de Libertad, an outpatient recovery program. The films have been sealed away in their original canisters in a safe for 30 years.

"Judge For Yourself" is a limited release production used for training in Ford dealerships. Also purchased at auction were the original combination record player / filmstrip projector and accompanying records providing audio track.

This initial restoration was performed by Michael Akana. Images were transferred to digital media to restore the image quality and to avoid damaging the original media. For this presentation only the video portion of the filmstrip was restored.
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