Thursday, February 4, 2010

Did you know ...

... the Cleveland Falcons (International-American League) played hockey at Elysium Arena from 1934-1936? Prior to the time, they were called the Cleveland Indians, and following that the Cleveland Barons.

... Margaret Hamilton was born in Cleveland and graduated from Hathaway Brown in 1921? She was a school teacher before she became an actress, and performed at the Cleveland Play House before being called to the stage in New York by 1932 and beginning her film career soon after. In the year 1936 alone she appeared in the films Chatterbox, These Three, The Moon's Our Home, The Witness Chair and Laughing at Trouble. She is best known for playing Cora in the Maxwell House coffee commercials. She is also sister to Dorothy Hamilton Brush.

... the uniform for the Cleveland Indians (baseball) team featured a stylized "C" on the cap in 1936, and a small patch depicting a full headdress-wearing "indian" in profile on the left breast? This image looks more like an actual human being than Chef Wahoo, which was not introduced until 1947.

... LIFE began in November, 1936, a weekly magazine unique in that it was devoted entirely to photojournalism?

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